Adaptation is a process that all children go through at some point in their early lives. For some adapting to a new environment might be more difficult than for others, adaptation varies with each child depending on many individual factors and experiences they’ve had throughout their life. Many children experience separation anxiety from their parents, especially if they’ve never left their parent’s side or interacted with other adults or kids.  However, it is important for both parents and children to be prepared for this moment and trust the Kindergarten to take good care of your children, this will help the process for yourself, your child, and the teachers.

Pre-arrival to Kindergarten

Kids are extremely smart and they understand much more than we can possibly imagine at such a young age. It is advised that parents take the time to explain to the child that they will be going to Kindergarten soon and explain what Kindergarten is. In Kindergarten, they will have the chance to play with other kids their age and do some other fun activities, such as painting and drawing. You might also want to try some of these activities at home so kids are prepared and are not surprised. 

Adapting to Kindergarten

We like to be flexible with parents and children during this time and want our parents to feel comfortable. However, we ask parents to please communicate with your child’s teacher and listen to her advice and feedback regarding their first few days. Once a starting date is agreed, we will give you instructions of the time your should arrive and what to expect on the first day.

Tallinn International Kindergarten