Tuition & Registration Fees

Registration Fees

The registration fee is 60 Euros. 

Once the child has been admitted to the Kindergarten and the contract has been signed you will receive a deposit invoice with a one-time registration fee charge. The place will only be secured for your child once the deposit invoice is paid. 

Note: credit card payments are not accepted, we only accept bank transfer or cash payments. 


The deposit is the amount of one month’s fee. This will be used towards last month’s payment of your child’s attendance in the Kindergarten, as long as you let us know at least 30 days in advance.


Tuition fees depend on the amount of time your child will spend with us. Tuition fees should be paid at the beginning of each month for the month ahead. If a child should be absent for the whole month (including the summer months)  2/3 of the agreed fee should be paid.

Our fees are flexible depending on your needs and we also offer a reduced price for families with more than one child (15% off for the second child).

We understand that your schedule may change from month to month, so changes can be negotiated.

1 child, 5 days a week until 3.00 pm. 410 EUR

1 child, 4 days a week until 3.00 pm. 325 EUR

1 child, 3 days a week until 3.00 pm. 236 EUR

1 child, 5 days a week until 6.00 pm. 525 EUR

1 child, 4 days a week until 6.00 pm. 410 EUR

     1 child, 3 days a week until 6.00 pm. 305 EUR     

Note: Children without Estonian ID-number and Tallinn city registration should pay an additional fee of 187,00 EUR a month. 

No other expenses related to the child’s stay in the Kindergarten shall be added to the tuition fee. 

Bank Details

Beneficiary Bank Name

(Overseas Bank/ International)

Beneficiary Bank SWIFT/BIC: EEUHEE2X
Beneficiary Bank Address Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn
Beneficiary Name OÜ International Kindergarten
Beneficiary Account Number/ IBAN EE491010220266892220
Beneficiary Physical mailing address OÜ International Kindergarten

Väike-Ameerika tn 39/2,

10129, Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn International Kindergarten